Freescale (Metrowerks) CodeWarrior

In addition to the PicoDEV CD provided in our development kits, programming the Persistor CF2 also requires "CodeWarrior Development Studio for Palm OS Platform." The Freescale part number (was) CWX-PLM-PROED-CX. The last produced version was 9.3. Any version above 8.0 is suitable for development of Persistor software. There are no known advantages to upgrading.

About May 2008, Freescale discontinued CodeWarrior for PalmOS, but has granted Persistor Instruments permission to distribute copies of the final version 9.3 CD under the following conditions:

The copy is distributed "as is"; without technical support from Freescale.

The copy is distributed only for use with Persistor Instrument's; MC683xx based products.

Contact Persistor directly to acquire this necessary software for CF1 or CF2 program development.