Technical Support

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Please be aware that all Persistor manuals are fully available here.

Technical Support Questions & Notices

How long will a CF card last? Western Digital last specified the service life as 10 years.

Corrupted mem card Advice for recovering data from a corrupted memory card.

End of Life Notice for Western Digital 4500/4600 series CompactFlash cards, July 2013.

CompactFlash compatibility with CF1 required a hardware change in August 2012.

End Of Life Notice for Western Digital 3500 series CompactFlash cards, July 2011.

CF2 Resuscitation Procedure. Follow this procedure if you have a CF2 that is not responding.

Motocross Protocol Error. Read this notice if you are experiencing a protocol error in Motocross when you load a file.

CF1/CF2 file limits provides information regarding FAT16 and FAT32 file size limits and number of file limits.

CF2 RTC accuracy describes the dual RTC system on the CF2, discusses the accuracy, and indicates how to improve it.

PIN vs PIO discusses the differences between PIN macro and PIO functions and the hardware I/O differences between the CFI and the CF2.

IRQ4, LPSTOP, spurious interrupts - A paper explaining two ISR techniques used in example programs to wake the CFx from LPStop with incoming SCI characters. A spurious or an early interrupt can cause unexpected problems if you don't understand how the interrupt handler works.

Interrupt handler timing.

Interrupt priorities and module interactions.

What disables interrupts and for how long?

How Fast Can I Write to CompactFlash Cards?

Adding sixteen 0 to 5V A/D channels to the CF2 - The CF2 is a 3.3 volt computer! But this drawing shows how to connect a pair of ADS8344 ADCs powered from 5V so as not to interfere with other QSPI peripherals or with the CF2's internal SPI connected supervisor.

A circuit to keep a CF2 I/O pin high during suspend.

A circuit that permits an external device to request CF2 suspend mode and waken the CF2 from suspend.

A 3D model of the CF2 in PDF format. Requires Adobe reader 9.

Dimension drawing for R2 base boards.

Notes on installing CodeWarrior in Windows7 and notes to prevent spurious crashes of CodeWarrior in Windows7

Old Technical Support Notices

SiliconSystems 3005 series memory cards were recalled in 2007, and PicoDOS 4.03 corrects a "lost-sector problem."

If you are using a CF1 or CF2 manufactured before April 2005 with SiliconSystems or Western Digital memory, review the details of the memory card transition notice for information about PicoDOS upgrades and resistor pullup values that affect current drains.

R212 recall notice from December 2003.

For customers moving from the CF1 to the CF2, review the CF1/CF2 differences here.